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Bikes for rent

We have bikes for rent  at Pensionat Söderåsen. The roads around Söderåsen and in the Rönneå valley are numerous and cozy and they offer beautiful and varied scenery and many attractions with high natural and cultural values. It’s like biking through real “Astrid Lindgren story”-surroundings with grazing cows and horses, blackberry bushes and beautiful stone walls along the road. Let’s go cycling to the mushroom forest , the cozy farm shops or to a lake for a swim or just enjoy the quiet roll forward in the beautiful landscape.

Shoppa WildaIt’s ” Rönneådalen- Skånes nordväst passage” that provides the bicycle rental – please look at their website and read about beautiful and interesting destinations and attractions in the Rönneå Valley. On their website you can also find theme routes , maps and descriptions of points of interest.

There are 10 adult bikes, 2 child seats , 2 semi bikes for kids and a bike trailer so the whole family or group of friends can come along . Loans of bicycle helmets is of course for free when you rent a bike.

We also offer bike package deals with overnight stay, dinner at the restaurant and lovely packed lunch for a picnic along the way. Ask us for this deal when you book.

Welcome to call +46 722 477 444 or contact us via the contact form to reserve bikes.