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Foto: Mickael Tannus, Mer än golf

Here at Pensionat Söderåsen you can gather the whole the golf group to hang out and play golf on nice courses – just pick and choose between all the nearby courses. The National Park, the beautiful surroundings and the tranquility you get as a bonus.

In Skåne it is never far between the the golf courses. Northwest Skåne can actually call themselves the world’s second-most golf course dense region after Florida.

Around Söderåsen you”ll find several fine courses to play on. The courses vary in structure and nature, offering everything from fine parkland courses, forest paths and open heathland course. Clostest to Pensionat Söderåsen is Ljungbyheds golf club, where you play on the old air force wing “F5″‘s area. Here you can enjoy a beautiful historic atmosphere when you play on the moor with beautiful Söderåsen as backdrop.

Foto: Mickael Tannus / Mer än golf

Söderåsen Gk is just over half an hour’s drive away, but the road runs over Söderåsen and is stunningly beautiful as it winds across the ridge through beech forests and pastures. Half an hour north, at Örkelljunga, you will find Woodlands Country Club and golf course, beautifully situated among lakes and forests just as the nice forest course in Perstorp. From Svalövs GK, on the southern slope of the ridge, with sweeping views down to Malmö the Öresund bridge may be sieved on a clear day.

If you want to vary the game a coastal course is no more than 45 minutes away by car. Choose between both Landskrona, Helsingborg and the Ängelholm region.


NV Skåne - Mer än golfMore than golf!

The northwest Skåne region offers so much more than just golf for the golfers and their fellow travelers. It has beautiful, natural areas, trails, farm shops, adventure activities, arts and crafts, cozy cafes, restaurants and accommodation options for everyone’s taste and budget. On the website you will find a large part of the range collected and tastefully presented. Take a look and get inspired! Welcome to our fabulous part of Sweden!

The beautiful pictures from our nearby golf courses were taken by Mickael Tannus, Tannus Photography.