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Guided walks

For groups, who want to learn more about Söderåsen’s beautiful and in many ways unique nature, we offer guided tours in different forms.

We customize the tour after the group’s wishes, and the stretching and level of adventure may vary  after what the group wanta. We can also offer a “FIKA”-picnic with coffee / tea and homemade cake on top of Kopparhatten or in any other site along the walk.

We also arrange guided tours by bike. Rinding the bikes gives us the opportunity to explore a larger area. If you want to have a competitive element, we can organize a bicycle scavenger hunt for you, taking you out to special places in the beautiful surroundings.


Guide 1200SEK + VAT/ hour. Maximum 20 people / group.

For other variations, eg bicycle orientation or guidance + bike hire, contact us for a quote.