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Wilda Sport&Outdoor

In Brandsberga, just a few kilometers from the guesthouse, is a small shop with a fantastic range of outdoor clothing: Wilda Sports & Outdoor. Here you are guaranteed to find the right clothes for your adventures in the nature or comfortable and sporty clothes for your leisure and get a personal service.

Klippans Yllefabrik /Klippan Wool Factory (Outlet)

In the city of Klippan lies the Klippan Wool Factory and their factory outlet. Here they sell large parts of their product range and also has an “outlet” part where you can do some real bargains! Well worth a visit for anyone interested in home decoration! (Klippan is 17 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

“Smaker från Söderåsen”

If you like to visit cozy farm shops that sell their own and locally produced products, there are many reasons to go to Söderåsen. Here’s berry farmers, fish smoke houses, deer farms, plant stores and charcuterie to name a few. On will find the various companies, their opening times and more.

Klippans Keramik – factory outlet

In Krika, a few km from Klippan is “Klippans Keramik”. Here traditional Skånsk Folk art Pottery is created  and there is a store that also has a bargain corner. You will among other things find the classic bowls to serve egg cake (Äggakaka, a Scanian delicacy) in. (Krika is 11 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Höganäs Design Outlet

In the area around Höganäs former pottery factory is today a number outlet stores. Good bargains are available if you have luck on your side. (Höganäs is 53 km from Pensionat Söderåsen). In Höganäs there’s also a very nice food hall with great produce and a fine restaurant.

Väla köpcentrum / Väla shopping center

This shopping center features basically everything! A Mecca for shoppers, just on this side of Helsingborg. (Väla is 44 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)