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Cities and destinations

i närhetenWithin a range of 100 km from Pensionat Söderåsen you’ll find many nice places to visit, including Helsingborg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Ängelholm, Båstad, Helsingor, Ystad, and Halmstad. In other words, there’s always an attractive city to explore. Besides the cities there’s of course other exciting places to go. Here are some suggestions.

Söderåsen National Park

Söderåsen National Park offers exciting and fabulously beautiful scenery in various forms. Here you can hike on the groomed trails, enjoy the great deciduous forest, follow the creek trickling into the Skäralid rift, or enjoy the tranquility at the pond Skärdammen and see the singing swans swimming around. In Röstånga is the famous Lake Odensjön, with its exciting tale, and on the way there you pass through the beautiful valley of Nackarpsdalen. It’s not often that you travel using a prettier road than the one that winds through Nackarpsdalens beech forests! Learn more about Söderåsens National Park. The Pensionat Söderåsen staff are certified national park guides and are happy to take groups out on a guided walk and to tell about the unique nature on and around Söderåsen.

Skånes djurpark / Skåne’s zoo

Just outside Höör is the Skåne Zoo. There are many Scandiavian animals to look at and the park is a nice destination for families and animal lovers. There are many nice places in the park to eat your packed picnic, and also cafés and restaurants where you can buy food. Read more at (29km from Pensionat Söderåsen)


The Sofiero Castle with its beautiful park just north of Helsingborg is fantastic. In 2010 this park was cited as the most beautiful park in Europe and it is an experience to stroll around the park and enjoy the thriving art work. (52 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

The Bjäre Peninsula

On this fertile and scenic peninsula there is a favorite spot for everyone, Torekov, Bastad, Hov halls etc.. Here you’ll find are plenty of scenic back roads where it is perfect to go cruising with motorbike or to go biking.


Dramatic cliffs on Kullahalvön and nature reserves. Beautiful views! In the lighthouse there’s also a nature center (Naturum) with nice and interesting exhibits.


In the nature reserve at of Kullaberg the artist Lars Vilks created his artwork called Nimis. A great work of art created of driftwood is unmatched…


Pensionat Söderåsen is situated in very beautiful surroundings and to just enjoy the peace and quiet, the meadows, forests and backroads around here is beautiful! Our land is large and features spacious lawns to run around or play games on, or why not put out a blanket and read a book or take a nap?!


Well-known part of Skåne with rolling fields, apple orchards and many charming little villages and fishing villages to visit.


The island Ven, between Sweden and Denmark,  just off Landskrona is a lovely place to visit . it’s perfect for a day of cycling, and visiting small cafés and craft shops. (The ferry terminal is located in Landskrona,45 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)


Lekoseum in Osby is a toy museum at BRIO’s factory. Very popular among children. (75 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Railway Museum in Ängelholm

In the city of Ängelholm you’ll find the Swedish Railway Museum. It is located next to the railway station in an old engine house. 39km from Pensionat Söderåsen.

Ängelholm’s Aviation Museum

In the old air force wing in Ängelholm, you will find an aviation museum well worth a visit. Displays including several airplanes and there is a flight simulator. (40 km from Pensionat Söderåsen)

Hallands Väderö

A short boat ride from the little fishing village Torekov takes you out to the island Hallands Väderö which is a nature reserve. It has lovely beaches and thrilling adventures that await you.

Ring Knutstorp

Action-packed attractions for the motor enthusiast. (Knutstorp is 19 km from Pensionat Söderåsen).