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We offer all the prerequisites for fantastic wedding. Get married outdoors , in the church or here at Pensionat Söderåsen with a panoramic view over the beautiful Söderåsen. In our neighborhood , there are restaurant & catering companies, photographer, florist , pastry and accommodation – all that may be needed to create a memorable day. The possibilities for an unforgettable wedding for the bride&groom and their guests are endless. Pensiaont Söderåsen can help you with all your wedding arrangements. We have a nice party venue , good housing and good cooperation with the region’s businesses that you might need while planning your wedding..

Examples of wedding arrangements : BBQ and mingle in the evening light at Pensionat Söderåsen the night before the wedding ceremony. Wedding in a beautiful forest of Söderåsen or in Riseberga’s or Färingtofta’s beautiful churches . Take your wedding photographs in the scenic surroundings. Wedding dinner and party at Pensionat Söderåsen or at Skäralids Restaurant down by the national park. Accommodation at Pensiaont Söderåsen and if necessary on nearby other hostels/hotels/B&B. Brunch with gift opening together with your loved ones the morning after .

Welcome to contact us for various suggestions and prices.